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Question 1: Other industries included production of synthetic materials, agricultural machinery, metal ________, wood and timber, textiles, footwear, and silk, as well as metal processing and printing.
Art NouveauAncient historyArt DecoFurniture

Question 2: During the 19th century, cultural life mostly revolved around the theatre, museums (the first museum was opened in 1877 by private donations), collections and printing houses (the ________).
CarmelitesFranciscanDominican OrderCatholic religious order

Question 3: One of the earliest factories was the Drava ________ factory, established in 1856, which no longer exists.

Question 4: There is also the Baranja ________ offered in restaurants.
WineChilean wineChardonnayNew Zealand wine

Question 5: Other industries include a regional ________, the Pivovara Osijek (first Croatian beer), and a sugar processing plant.

Question 6: Life was thriving here in the ________, but only traces of that life can be found today because the Turks destroyed everything they found and made a town to suit their style.
Late Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle Ages

Question 7: The city also has several gymnasiums, the oldest of which dates to 1729, a drawing school from the 19th century, a zoological garden, a centre for the promotion of livestock breeding, and an institute for ________ farming.
MaizeSugarcanePotatoSugar beet

Question 8: After that, Mursa had a turbulent history, with several decisive battles taking place (among which the Battle of Mursa Major in 351 and the battle between ________ and Ingenuus in 260), deciding the destiny of the whole region.
AurelianAureolusAurelius HeraclianusGallienus

Question 9: The city was sacked and destroyed by the ________ on August 8, 1526.
TurkeyOttoman EmpireTurkish peopleIstanbul

Question 10: Its name Osijek comes from the Croatian word "oseka" which means "________".
TidePhysical oceanographyTidal powerCurrent sea level rise


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