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Orthomode transducer: Quiz


Question 1: It protects the receiver front-end element (the ________, LNB) from burn-out by the power of the output signal generated by the block up converter (BUC).
Low-noise block converterSatellite dishBig ugly dishSatellite television

Question 2: This orthogonal shift between the two signal paths provides approximately an isolation of 40dB in the ________ and Ka band radio frequency bands.
Ku bandL bandMicrowaveUltra high frequency

Question 3: They are usually connected to the antenna's down converter or LNB and to the ________ (HPA) attached to a transmitting antenna.
AmplifierElectronic amplifierOperational amplifierCommon emitter

Question 4: For VSAT modems the transmission and reception paths are at 90° to each other, or in other words, the signals are orthogonally ________ with respect to each other.
Polarization (waves)PolarizerOpticsMaxwell's equations


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