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Orthogastropoda: Quiz


Question 1:
  • Suborder ________ Blainville, 1814 (nudibranchs)
    OpisthobranchiaGastropodaNudibranchAeolidiella stephanieae

Question 2: Orthogastropoda was a major taxonomic groupings of snails and slugs, an extremely large subclass within the huge class ________ according to the older taxonomy of the Gastropoda (Ponder & Lindberg, 1997).

Question 3: Superfamily Trochoidea ________, 1815 (top shells)
Walam OlumConstantine Samuel RafinesqueBotanyCharles Darwin

Question 4: Order ________ Milne-Edwards, 1848

Question 5: Order ________ Cuvier in Blainville, 1814 (pulmonates)

Question 6: Superfamily Stromboidea ________, 1815 (true conchs)
Constantine Samuel RafinesqueCharles DarwinWalam OlumBotany

Question 7: This subclass, Orthogastropoda, which one perhaps could call the true snails, was defined most concisely as all gastropods which were not members of ________, the true limpets.

Question 8: a single left hypobranchial gland (on organ at gill, which releases secretions, such as the reddish dye ________).
Indigo dyeTyrian purpleCochinealIsatis tinctoria

Question 9: a flexoglossate ________ (with a flexible radular membrane).

Question 10: Superfamily Vermetoidea ________, 1815 (worm shells)
Charles DarwinConstantine Samuel RafinesqueWalam OlumBotany


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