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Question 1: By and large, however, the differences result from the historic dispersal of the Jews and the consequent development of differences among regions in their practices.(see ________).
MinhagAshkenazi JewsSephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 2: Orthodox Jews will also study the Talmud for its own sake; this is considered to be the greatest ________ of all; see Torah study.
UpsherinMitzvahTzitzitJewish holiday

Question 3: The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, known as the ________, or "OU", and the Rabbinical Council of America, "RCA" are organizations that represent Modern Orthodox Judaism, a large segment of Orthodoxy in the United States and Canada.
Torah Umesorah – National Society for Hebrew Day SchoolsOrthodox UnionMoetzet Gedolei HaTorahYeshiva

Question 4: Edah ceased operations in 2007 and merged some of its programs into the left-wing ________.
Modern Orthodox JudaismYeshivat Chovevei TorahPartnership minyanRabbi

Question 5: I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, Blessed be His Name, knows all the deeds of human beings and all their thoughts, as it is written, "Who fashioned the hearts of them all, Who comprehends all their actions" (________ 33:15).
PsalmsPsalms 152–155EpistlePsalm 151

Question 6: Practicing ________, the Jewish dietary laws.
Hasidic JudaismJudaismHalakhaKashrut

Question 7: [5] Modern Orthodoxy, in general, places a high national, as well as religious, significance on the ________, and Modern Orthodox institutions and individuals are, typically, Zionist in orientation.
GreeceIsraelArmeniaUnited States

Question 8: These groups, broadly, comprise Modern Orthodox Judaism and ________, with most Hasidic Jewish groups falling into the latter category.
Ger (Hasidic dynasty)HalakhaHaredi JudaismChabad

Question 9: See ________), and many study in a kollel (Torah study institute for married men) for many years after marriage.
Brit milahJewish servicesTzniutShidduch

Question 10: Orthodox Judaism affirms ________, or the belief in one God.

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