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Orocovis, Puerto Rico: Quiz


Question 1: Over the blue portion there's an oval with a ________.
Solar SystemStarEarthSun

Question 2: Statistics taken from the 2000 census shows that 81.4% of Orocoveños have Spanish or White origin, 4.1% are black, 0.4% are ________ etc.
Classification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasIndigenous peoples of the AmericasPre-Columbian eraModels of migration to the New World

Question 3: In 1838, the ________ of San Juan Bautista de Barros was created and was blessed and inaugurated on October 29 of the same year.

Question 4: The sun, being the center of our solar system, represents Orocovis as the center of the island of ________.
United StatesUnited States Virgin IslandsSan Juan, Puerto RicoPuerto Rico

Question 5: After ________ settled in the island, the region was called Barros and designated as a barrio of Barranquitas.
Spanish peopleSpanish languageHispanophoneSpain

Question 6: In the inferior right quadrant, a plantain plant is observed representing the ________, silhouetted in gold on a silver-plated background.
Organic farmingIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureAgriculture

Question 7: There is no direct ________ connection to Orocovis.

Question 8: As a whole, Puerto Rico is comprised mainly of people from a Creole (born on the Island of European descent) or Spanish and European descent, with small groups of ________ and Asian people.
African UnionIndigenous peoplesScramble for AfricaAfrican people

Question 9: Since before the Spanish colonization in the ________, Taíno Indians were already established in the Orocovis region.
17th century16th century11th century15th century

Question 10: ________ | Vieques | Culebra | Caja de Muertos | Desecheo | Mona | Monito
United States Virgin IslandsUnited StatesPuerto RicoSan Juan, Puerto Rico


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