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Question 1: The first attenuated vaccine developed by ________ was for fowl cholera and was tested on poultry in 1878.
BacteriaLouis PasteurPasteur InstituteInfectious disease

Question 2: [2][33] The study of birds in their habitats was particularly advanced in Germany with ________ stations established as early as 1903.
Bird ringingPigeon racingBird migrationOrnithology

Question 3: [76] Such whole genome sequencing projects allow for studies on evolutionary processes involved in ________.
SpeciationNatural selectionSympatric speciationPopulation genetics

Question 4: Such ________ measures may be followed by re-introduction of the species into the wild.
Frozen zooEx-situ conservationCryopreservationZoo

Question 5: In the past, they were treated with ________ to prevent fungal and insect (mostly dermestid) attack.

Question 6: Poultry farming and ________ were practised from early times in many parts of the world.
Peregrine FalconGolden EagleRed-tailed HawkFalconry

Question 7: [94][95] Birds are also of medical importance and their role as carriers of human diseases such as Japanese Encephalitis, West Nile Virus and ________ have been widely recognised.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1Influenza pandemicInfluenzaInfluenza A virus

Question 8: He however introduced and propagated several myths, such as the idea that swallows hibernated in winter although he noted that cranes migrated from the steppes of Scythia to the marshes at the headwaters of the ________.
AlexandriaEgyptNileWhite Nile

Question 9: The species problem, was tackled by the ornithologist ________.
Ernst W. MayrE. O. WilsonSewall WrightG. Ledyard Stebbins

Question 10: The growth of genetics and the rise of molecular biology led to the application of the ________ to explain avian phenomena.
Gene-centered view of evolutionNatural selectionHistory of evolutionary thoughtEvolutionary biology


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