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Orion (spacecraft): Quiz


Question 1: [1][2] On August 31, 2006, NASA awarded ________ (LM) the contract to design, develop, and build Orion.
United Space AllianceLockheed MartinLockheed Martin U.K.Titan (rocket family)

Question 2: President ________ proposed the cancellation of the Constellation program on February 1, 2010, due to its being "over budget, behind schedule, and lacking in innovation".
John EdwardsBarack Obama2004 Democratic National Convention2008 Democratic National Convention

Question 3: These include support for the ________, development of missions beyond low Earth orbit (including the Moon) and use of commercial space industry.
Space habitatInternational Space StationMirTreadmill with Vibration Isolation System

Question 4: "Glass cockpit" digital control systems derived from that of the ________.
Boeing 777Boeing 747Boeing 787Boeing 737

Question 5: ________ – Heavy-lift cargo launch vehicle.
Space ShuttleAres IAres VConstellation program

Question 6: The reusable recovery parachutes will be based on the parachutes used on both the Apollo spacecraft and the ________, and will also use the same Nomex cloth for construction.
Kennedy Space CenterKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39Space Shuttle external tankSpace Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster

Question 7: [11] The ESAS recommends strategies for flying the manned Orion by 2014, and endorses a ________ approach to the Moon.
NASAApollo programLunar orbit rendezvousApollo Command/Service Module

Question 8: The Orion spacecraft effectively replaced the conceptual Orbital Space Plane (OSP), which itself was proposed after the failure of the ________ program to produce a replacement for the space shuttle.
Boeing X-51Boeing X-40Lockheed Martin X-33Boeing X-37

Question 9: ________, Russian concept for replacement of the Soyuz Spacecraft
Russian Federal Space AgencyKliperProspective Piloted Transport SystemInternational Space Station

Question 10: The LSAM would be much larger than the ________ and would be capable of carrying up to 23 tons of cargo to the lunar surface to support a lunar outpost.
Apollo 11Apollo programApollo Lunar ModuleApollo 12


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