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Question 1: Probably the longest OVA series ever made was ________, which spanned 110 main episodes and 52 gaiden episodes.
AnimeOriginal video animationScience fictionLegend of the Galactic Heroes

Question 2: While people in the ________ used the phrase "direct-to-video" as a pejorative for works that could not make it onto TV or movie screens, in Japan the demand was so great that direct-to-video became a necessity.
CanadaUnited StatesAlaskaPhilippines

Question 3: ) (and sometimes as OAV by English-speakers), is a term - originating from Japanese animation (anime) - for ________ films and series made specially for release in home-video formats.
AnimationTraditional animationStop motionAnimated cartoon

Question 4: Many popular and influential series such as ________ (1987-1991) and Tenchi Muyo! (1992-2005) were released directly to video as OVAs.
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040A.D. Police FilesA.D. PoliceBubblegum Crisis

Question 5: Examples of this include the DVD-only 25th episode of ________, while several episodes of the Oh My Goddess TV series are DVD-only.
SpainLove HinaJapanUnited States

Question 6: OVA titles were originally made available on VHS, later becoming more popular on LaserDisc and eventually ________.
HD DVDDVDVideo CDBlu-ray Disc

Question 7: ________, for example, began as an OVA but went on to spawn several TV series, three movies, and numerous other spin-offs.
Tenchi Muyo!Tenchi UniverseTenchi Muyo! GXPMagical Girl Pretty Sammy

Question 8: Dark realism featured in ________'s famous manga Saint Seiya.
Fūma no KojirōB't XMasami KurumadaSaint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Question 9: [4] Few OVAs specifically target female audiences, but ________ exemplifies the exceptions.
J.C.StaffEarthianShōjo mangaOriginal video animation

Question 10: Some OVAs based on television series (and especially those based on ________) may provide closure to the plot – closure not present in the original series.
Shōjo mangaManga outside JapanYaoiManga

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