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Organology: Quiz


Question 1: With the invention of ________, the physics-based organology has been expanded to use solid, liquid, and gas, wherein the top-level category is the state-of-matter of the material that makes the sound.

Question 2: Department of Musical Instruments at ________ home to a large collection of historic musical instruments
Metropolitan Museum of ArtMuseum of Modern ArtUnited StatesWestern painting

Question 3: There is a degree of overlap between organology, ________ and ethnomusicology (each of the aforementioned being subsets of musicology).
AcousticsOpticsClassical mechanicsPhysics

Question 4: ________, microtonal string division musical theorist
Harry PartchSteve ReichMusical tuningExperimental musical instrument

Question 5: Organology (from Greek: ὄργανον - organon, "instrument" and λόγος - logos, "study") is the science of ________ and their classification [1].
Classical musicMusical instrumentMusical notationByzantine lyra

Question 6: ________, innovator of several electric guitar constructions (bridges and electronic configurations)
Fender StratocasterLeo FenderFender Precision BassFender Musical Instruments Corporation

Question 7: Among the more prominent are the Galpin Society, based in the ________; and the American Musical Instrument Society, based in the United States.
EnglandUnited KingdomCanadaWales


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