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Question 1: Organized crime most typically flourishes when a central government and ________ is disorganized, weak, absent or untrusted.
BureaucracyCivil societyExecutive (government)Law

Question 2: This has led to the rise of global criminal organizations such as ________ and the 18th Street gang.
Mara SalvatruchaNorth AmericaUnited StatesEl Salvador

Question 3: Perhaps the best known criminal organizations are the Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra, most commonly known as the ________.
Sicilian Mafia CommissionMafiaBernardo ProvenzanoSalvatore Riina

Question 4: ________ (ATF)
Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement CommissionBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesFederal Bureau of InvestigationAlcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Question 5: Another use of the term "criminal organization" exists in ________ and refers to an organization which has been found guilty of crimes against humanity.
International Covenant on Civil and Political RightsInternational Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsTortureInternational human rights law

Question 6: Several public sector organizations of Nazi Germany such as the SS and ________ were judged to be criminal organizations, while other organizations such as the German Army High Command were indicted but acquitted of charges.
The HolocaustAdolf HitlerGestapoHeinrich Himmler

Question 7: ________ (RICO)
Organized crimeFraudGambino crime familyRacketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Question 8: On a lower level in the criminal food chain are many street gangs, such as the Sureños, Nortenos, Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, ________ and Crips.
Los AngelesBloodsUnited Blood NationLatin Kings (gang)

Question 9: ________ famously defined them as what would now be called kleptocracies, states founded on theft:
Thomas AquinasAnselm of CanterburyBlaise PascalAugustine of Hippo

Question 10: have had links with organized crime groups in Italy such as the ________, the 'Ndrangheta, the Rancitelli and Sacra Corona Unita.
NaplesSan Giorgio a CremanoCamorraRussian Mafia

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