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Organizational hierarchy: Quiz


Question 1: For example, the broad, top-level overview of the general organization of the Catholic Church consists of the Pope, then the Cardinals, then the ________, and so on.
ArchbishopPope John Paul IIHoly OrdersBishop (Catholic Church)

Question 2: Again, although the shareholders of the company are the nominal top of the hierarchy, in reality many companies are run at least in part as personal fiefdoms by their management; ________ rules are an attempt to mitigate this tendency.
BusinessCorporate governanceCorporationCompanies law

Question 3: These hierarchies are typically depicted with a tree or triangle ________, creating an organizational chart or organigram.
Visualization (computer graphics)Computer graphicsDiagramInformation graphics

Question 4: In many ________, the people are considered to be the notional top of the hierarchy, over the head of state; in reality, the people's power is restricted to voting in elections.
DemocracyJohn LockeGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianism

Question 5: In the work of diverse theorists such as William James (1842-1910), Michel Foucault (1926-1984) and ________, important critiques of hierarchical epistemology are advanced.
Friedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur DantoHayden White

Question 6: ________ argued that hierarchies were inherently incompetent, and were only able to function due to large amounts of informal lateral communication fostered by private informal networks.
Information Routing GroupInterlock diagramThe IRG Solution – hierarchical incompetence and how to overcome itCentral media

Question 7: Below the head, there is commonly a senate, ________ or congress, which in turn often delegate the day-to-day running of the country to a prime minister.
UnicameralismParliamentary systemParliamentBicameralism

Question 8: Hierarchies and hierarchical thinking has been criticized by many people, including ________ and one political philosophy which is vehemently opposed to hierarchical organization: anarchism is generally opposed to hierarchical organization in any form of human relations.
New musicologySusan McClaryLudwig van BeethovenCriticism and sonata form

Question 9: This is the dominant mode of organization among large organizations; most ________, governments, and organized religions are hierarchical organizations with different levels of management, power or authority.
Corporate lawCompanies lawCorporationCompany

Question 10: In many countries, ________ and manorialism provided a formal social structure that established hierarchical links at every level of society, with the monarch at the top.


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