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Question 1: "Sequence comparisons suggest recent horizontal transfer of many ________ among diverse species including across the boundaries of phylogenetic 'domains'.

Question 2: Organisms are complex systems of ________ which, through interaction with each other and the environment, play a wide variety of roles.
ChemistryChemical compoundInorganic chemistryElectrochemistry

Question 3: However, all existing organisms share certain traits, including cellular structure and ________.
DNAAmino acidProteinGenetic code

Question 4: In 1979, however, exceptions to the code were found in ________, the tiny energy factories inside cells.
Succinate dehydrogenasePyruvate dehydrogenase complexMitochondrionMitochondrial DNA

Question 5: However, throughout history groupings based on appearance or function of species have sometimes been polyphyletic due to ________.
Convergent evolutionBirdParallel evolutionCountershading

Question 6: All organisms consist of monomeric units called cells; some contain a single cell (________) and others contain many units (multicellular).

Question 7: Neomura is thought to have evolved from ________, more specifically from Actinobacteria.
CorynebacteriumGram-positive bacteriaGram-negative bacteriaBacteria

Question 8: For example, it was once thought that the ________ was universal (see: universal genetic code), but many variations have been discovered[7] including various alternative mitochondrial codes.
DNAAmino acidProteinGenetic code

Question 9: Information about the early development of life includes input from many different fields, including ________ and planetary science.
GeologyEarth scienceNatureEarth

Question 10: This event is now believed to have been triggered by the development of the ________.
HomeoboxTranscription factorHox geneHomeodomain fold

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