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Organic reaction: Quiz


Question 1: For example in the Fries rearrangement the reactant is an ester and the reaction product an ________.

Question 2: Factors specific to organic reactions are those that determine the stability of reactants and products such as conjugation, hyperconjugation and ________ and the presence and stability of reactive intermediates such as free radicals, carbocations and carbanions.
Covalent bondChemical bondMetallic bondAromaticity

Question 3: The number of reactions hinting at the actual process taking place is much smaller, for example the ene reaction or ________.
OrganocatalysisAsymmetric inductionAldol reactionAldol condensation

Question 4: Factors governing organic reactions are essentially the same as that of any ________.
Chemical reactionChemistryNitrogenHydrogen

Question 5: With the introduction of carbon-metal bonds the field crosses over to ________.
AlkenePeriodic tableOrganometallic chemistryInorganic chemistry

Question 6: Modern ________ starts with the Wöhler synthesis in 1828.
Inorganic chemistryPolymer chemistryOrganic chemistryBiochemistry

Question 7: [1] The basic ________ reaction types are addition reactions, elimination reactions, substitution reactions, pericyclic reactions, rearrangement reactions and redox reactions.
BiochemistryOrganic chemistryPolymer chemistryInorganic chemistry

Question 8: In general the stepwise progression of reaction mechanisms can be represented using ________ techniques in which curved arrows are used to track the movement of electrons as starting materials transition to intermediates and products.
Arrow pushingE1cB elimination reactionSolventCatalysis

Question 9: Organic reactions are ________ involving organic compounds.
NitrogenChemistryChemical reactionHydrogen

Question 10: Organic reactions can be categorized based on the type of ________ involved in the reaction as a reactant and the functional group that is formed as a result of this reaction.
Functional groupEthyleneAlkaneAlcohol


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