Organic: Quiz

Question 1: ________, food that is produced according to certain standards and is certified organic
Organic foodOrganic farmingItalyRomania

Question 2: ________, a compound that contains carbon (although some carbon-containing compounds are excluded).
Organic compoundBiochemistryAmino acidOrganic chemistry

Question 3: ________, organizations and individuals involved in the promotion of sustainable agriculture and organic farming
Organic movementBiodynamic agricultureAlbert HowardOrganic food

Question 4: ________, accreditation process for producers of organic food and other organic agricultural products
United KingdomFranceJapanOrganic certification

Question 5: ________, agriculture using only naturally produced fertilizers and non-chemical pest control
Factory farmingIndustrial agricultureOrganic farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 6: Organic clothing, clothing that is made from organic fibers, such as ________.
KenafSilkOrganic cottonAsbestos

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