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Question 1: Alexander Rüstow also has criticized laissez-faire ________ in his work Das Versagen des Wirtschaftsliberalismus (The Failure of Economic Liberalism, 1950).
Anarcho-capitalismPrivatizationCapitalismKeynesian economics

Question 2: Ordoliberalism is a school of liberalism that emphasises the need for the state to ensure that the ________ produces results close to its theoretical potential (see allocative efficiency).
Friedrich von HayekLibertarianismFree marketAnarcho-capitalism

Question 3: Alexander Rüstow and Wilhelm Röpke (who spent the Nazi period in exile in Turkey) and ________ are associated with this theory.
Friedrich von HayekMurray RothbardLudwig von MisesLew Rockwell

Question 4: ________ should be the responsibility of a central bank committed to monetary stability and low inflation, and insulated from political pressure by independent status.
Monetary policyTax havenOpen market operationsFederal Reserve System

Question 5: Ordoliberalism is centered around the ________ ORDO.
Academic journalAcademic publishingScientific literatureOpen access (publishing)

Question 6: The theory was developed by German ________ and legal scholars such as Walter Eucken, Franz Böhm, Hans Grossmann-Doerth and Leonhard Miksch from about 1930-1950.
EconomistKeynesian economicsEconomicsFriedrich von Hayek

Question 7: The term is used in German language as synonym for the term ________ or as concretization to label the neoliberalism of the Freiburg School.
Friedrich von HayekNeoliberalismFree marketClassical liberalism

Question 8: Ordoliberal theory holds that the state must create a proper legal environment for the ________ and maintain a healthy level of competition through measures that adhere to market principles.
EconomyKeynesian economicsMercantilismEconomics

Question 9: Ordoliberal ideals (with modifications) drove the creation of the post-World War II German social market economy and its attendant ________.
WirtschaftswunderMorgenthau PlanWest GermanyMarshall Plan


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