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Question 1:
Where are the headquarters of Ordnance Survey?
2975 Red Hill Ave.
Romsey Road, Southampton, SO16 4GU
Saint John House, 32 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
501 Dock St

Question 2: The national grid reference system was launched, with the ________ as its unit of measurement.
10 megametres1 decametre100 megametresMetre

Question 3: These maps are widely seen in British schools and schools in former British colonies (including the Commonwealth), either as stand-alone geographic aids or sold as part of ________ workbooks and/or textbooks.
Human geographyCartographyGeographyPhysical geography

Question 4: Following a fire at its headquarters at the ________ in 1841,[7] Ordnance Survey was in disarray for several years with arguments about which scales to use.
Tower of LondonWestminster AbbeyPalace of WestminsterTower Green

Question 5:
What type is thing is Ordnance Survey?
Executive agency of the United Kingdom government
Studio Album

Question 6: Ordnance Survey had outgrown its site in the centre of Southampton (made worse by the bomb damage of the ________).
World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 7: Ordnance Survey still maintains a set of master geodetic reference points to tie the Ordnance Survey geographic datums to modern measurement systems including ________.
CompassInertial navigation systemF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System

Question 8: In 1824, Colby and most of his staff moved to ________ to work on a six-inches-to-the-mile (1:10,560) valuation survey.
Northern IrelandIrish peopleIrelandWales

Question 9: After official prevarication, the development of the ________ added to pressure that resulted in the 1841 Ordnance Survey Act.
TrainTrain stationTransportRail transport

Question 10: After the fire, Ordnance Survey relocated to a site in ________, and the twenty-five inch to the mile survey was completed by 1895.
Kingston upon HullBrighton and HoveSouthamptonPortsmouth


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