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Question 1: In Roman Catholic and ________ churches, ordinations have traditionally been limited to Ember Days, though there is no limit to the number of clergymen who may be ordained at the same service.
High churchCatholicismAnglo-CatholicismAnglicanism

Question 2: Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a separate clergy class, but consider an adherent's qualified ________ to constitute his ordination as a lay minister.
LutheranismInfant baptismProtestant ReformationBaptism

Question 3: most ________ and Reformed churches maintain a three-fold order of ministry of pastor, elder, and deacon.
ProtestantismChristianityPresbyterianismCovenant theology

Question 4: But the tradition has died out in some Buddhist traditions such as Theravada Buddhism, while remaining strong in others such as ________ (Dharmaguptaka Lineage).
Buddhism in ChinaGuan YinXuanzangBodhidharma

Question 5: In the Roman Catholic, ________, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Old Catholic and Anglican churches, ordination is identified with the sacrament of Holy Orders and is the means by which one is included in one of the three major orders: bishop, priest, or deacon.
Latin RiteEast–West SchismEastern Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic theology

Question 6: Pabbajja is an ordination procedure for novice Buddhist monks in the ________ tradition.
Third Buddhist councilBuddhismTheravadaEarly Buddhist schools

Question 7: [14] [15] Policy regarding the ordination of women differs among the different ________.
JewsTimeline of Jewish historyJewish ethnic divisionsJewish religious movements

Question 8: ________, ordains women as deacons, priests and bishops.
History of the Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal Church (United States)AnglicanismCatholicism

Question 9: The order of ________ comprises lay persons ordained to ministries of service and pastoral care.
Stole (vestment)BishopPriestDeacon

Question 10: The ________ has ordained women since 1932.
United Church of CanadaBaptismProtestantismAnglican Church of Canada


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