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Question 1: Some character sets provide characters specifically for use as ordinal indicators in these languages: º and ª (in ________ U+00BA and U+00AA[1]).
Universal Character SetUnicodeHan unificationUTF-8

Question 2: The suffixes -o and -a are appended to the numeral depending on whether the number's ________ is masculine or feminine respectively.
Grammatical numberGrammatical genderInflectionNoun class

Question 3: Since the 1990s the superscript style has been revived somewhat because some ________ format ordinal indicators as superscripts as the default setting.
GNU TeXmacsMicrosoft WordWordPerfectWord processor

Question 4: The degree sign is a uniform circle and is never underlined, while the letter o may be oval or ________ and have a varying stroke width.
Conic sectionOrbitEllipseElliptic orbit

Question 5: Using a ________ as an ordinal indicator is considered archaic, but still occurs in military contexts.
BracketSlash (punctuation)EllipsisFull stop

Question 6: A period or ________ is written after the numeral.
BracketEllipsisFull stopSlash (punctuation)


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