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Order of Lenin: Quiz


Question 1: Those who were awarded the titles "________" and "Hero of Socialist Labor" were also given the order as part of the award.
Virtuti MilitariHero of the Soviet UnionHero of UkraineHero of the Russian Federation

Question 2: For a time it was incorporated into a one-piece gold badge, but finally returned as a separate ________ piece until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.

Question 3: The portrait of Lenin was originally a riveted ________ piece.

Question 4: The disc is surrounded by two golden panicles of wheat, and a red ________ with "LENIN" in Cyrillic script (ЛЕНИН).
FlagFlags whose reverse differs from the obverseNordic Cross flagFlags with crosses

Question 5: In the 1990 film ________ Dr.
The Hunt for Red OctoberExecutive OrdersRainbow Six (novel)The Bear and the Dragon

Question 6: At the top was a gold-plated "________" emblem, and at the bottom were the Russian initials for "USSR" (СССР) in red enamel.
Hammer and sickleCommunist symbolismRed starSoviet Union

Question 7: ________, Massively successful and profitable Steel Mill
Leonid KuchmaKryvorizhstalKryvbasUkraine

Question 8: Nikolay Semyonov, winner of 1956 ________ in chemistry
Nobel FoundationNobel PrizeNobel Peace PrizeNobel Prize controversies

Question 9:
  • ________, Defence Minister in 1976-1984
    Dmitriy UstinovGeorgy ZhukovAleksandr VasilevskyJoseph Stalin

Question 10: A ________ is placed on the left and the "hammer and sickle" emblem at the bottom, both in red enamel.
Soviet UnionCommunist symbolismRed starRussia

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