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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Order of Australia have?
Order of Australia
A Word to the Wives...
English National Rugby Union Captain
Loving the Alien

Question 2: ________, then a New Zealand citizen, was offered an honorary Officership in 1985, but declined the award.
Allan BorderOphthalmologyFred HollowsSydney

Question 3:
What grades are taught at Order of Australia?
9th and 10th grades

Question 4:
What is Order of Australia's current status?
Currently constituted

Question 5: On 24 May 1976, the further categories of Knight (AK), Dame (AD), and Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) were established by the Queen on the advice of Whitlam's successor ________.
Malcolm FraserJohn HowardHarold HoltGough Whitlam

Question 6: Chancellor and Principal Companion: Quentin Bryce AC (________)
Governor-General of AustraliaConstitution of AustraliaHigh Court of AustraliaMonarchy of Australia

Question 7: The Order is awarded twice annually: on ________, and on the Queen's Birthday public holiday in June, when public announcements are made about new awards.
New South WalesCanberraSydneyAustralia Day

Question 8: The Order was established on 14 February 1975 by Letters patent of Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, and countersigned by the then Prime Minister ________.
John HowardMalcolm FraserJohn GortonGough Whitlam

Question 9: This organisation seeks to aid the members of the Order in their pursuits related to the development and maintenance of Australia's ________ and traditions.
SlaveryHuman rightsCultureFamily

Question 10:


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