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Question 1: Lepidoptera for the order of moths and butterflies, or ________ for the order of flies, mosquitoes, midges, and gnats).

Question 2: a ________ used in the classification of organisms.
Taxonomic rankOrder (biology)Biological classificationSpecies

Question 3: ________ was the first to apply it consistently to the division of all three kingdoms of Nature (minerals, plants, and animals) in his Systema Naturae (1735, 1st.
Charles DarwinCarl LinnaeusGenera PlantarumBotany

Question 4: In ________, the Linnaean orders were used more consistently.

Question 5: In scientific classification used in ________, the order (Latin: ordo) is

Question 6: Other well-known ranks are life, domain, kingdom, phylum, class, family, ________, and species, with order fitting in between class and family.
SubspeciesGenusBiological classificationOrder (biology)

Question 7: The Latin suffix -(i)formes meaning "having the form of" is used for the scientific name of orders of ________ and fishes, but not for those of mammals and invertebrates.
BirdArchaeopteryxEnantiornithesModern birds

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