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Question 1: The attractive mottle of the leaves of Lady's Slippers from tropical and subtropical Asia, (________) is caused by uneven distribution of chlorophyll.

Question 2:
What family does Orchidaceae belong to?

Question 3: An extinct species of stingless bee, Proplebeia dominicana, was found trapped in ________ amber from about 15-20 million years ago.
LanghianPlioceneGeologic time scaleMiocene

Question 4: Caudicles or stipes hold the pollinia to the viscidium, a sticky pad which sticks the pollinia to the body of ________.
PollinatorPollinationPollinator declineBee

Question 5: Orchids have developed highly specialized ________ systems and thus the chances of being pollinated are often scarce.
FlowerPollinationPlantFlowering plant

Question 6: One orchid genus, ________, is commercially important, used as a flavouring.

Question 7: Some ________ have long, canelike pseudobulbs with short, rounded leaves over the whole length, some other orchids have hidden or extremely small pseudobulbs, completely included inside the leaves.
DockrilliaDendrobium nobileDendrobiumOrchidaceae

Question 8:
What period does the fossils of the Orchidaceae come from?
Late Cretaceous - Recent
Early Eocene to Recent
Late Pleistocene to Recent

Question 9: Each type of orchid places the pollinia on a different body part of a different species of bee, so as to enforce proper ________.
Flowering plantFlowerPollinationPlant

Question 10: Some orchids, as Dendrophylax lindenii (Ghost Orchid), Aphyllorchis and Taeniophyllum depend on their green roots for ________ and lack normally developed leaves, as do all of the heterotrophic species.
PlantAlgaeCell wallPhotosynthesis

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