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Orchard: Quiz


Question 1: Extensive orange orchards are found in Florida and southern ________.
San Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 2: Most temperate-zone orchards are laid out in a regular grid, with a grazed or mown grass or bare ________ base that makes maintenance and fruit gathering easy.
Water wellClayLandslideSoil

Question 3: In eastern North America many orchards are along the shores of Lake Michigan (such as the Fruit Ridge Region), ________, and Lake Ontario.
Lake SuperiorGreat LakesLake HuronLake Erie

Question 4: In Europe ________ is sometimes planted along with apples.

Question 5: ________ and rubber are being produced in such a method in some areas.
PeanutCoconutMacadamiaBrazil nut

Question 6: Orchards are also sometimes a feature of large gardens, where they serve an ________ as well as a productive purpose.
Arthur SchopenhauerAestheticsDavid HumeApplied aesthetics

Question 7: A move towards more ________-friendly coffee production has led to forest-garden production of coffee.

Question 8: In recent years, ecologists have successfully lobbied for state subsidies to valuable habitats, ________, and natural landscapes, which are also used to preserve old meadow orchards.
BiodiversityNatureEcologyConservation biology

Question 9: In ________, apple and other fruit orchards are widespread on the Niagara Peninsula, south of Lake Ontario.
BarbadosUnited StatesUnited KingdomCanada

Question 10: Orchard House in ________ the residence of American celebrated writer Louisa May Alcott
Ayer, MassachusettsConcord, MassachusettsLittleton, MassachusettsActon, Massachusetts

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