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Question 1: An open orbit has the shape of a ________ (when the velocity is greater than the escape velocity), or a parabola (when the velocity is exactly the escape velocity).
HyperbolaCircleConic sectionEllipse

Question 2: In the case of an open orbit, the speed at any position of the orbit is at least the ________ for that position, in the case of a closed orbit, always less.
Solar SystemMoonGravity assistEscape velocity

Question 3: [2] Theories of this kind predicted paths of the planets moderately well, until ________ was able to show that the motion of the planets were in fact (at least approximately) elliptical motions.
Galileo GalileiScientific revolutionIsaac NewtonJohannes Kepler

Question 4: For example, the ________ cannot be in any way accurately described without allowing for the action of the Sun's gravity as well as the Earth's.
Kepler's laws of planetary motionInclinationRetrograde motionOrbit of the Moon

Question 5: This may be the case with some ________ if they come from outside the solar system.
JupiterCentaur (minor planet)SunComet

Question 6: Another method of artificially influencing an orbit is through the use of solar sails or ________.
Magnetic sailSpacecraft propulsionFusion rocketBeam-powered propulsion

Question 7: The basis for the modern understanding of orbits was first formulated by ________ whose results are summarised in his three laws of planetary motion.
Isaac NewtonGalileo GalileiScientific revolutionJohannes Kepler

Question 8: To date, no comet has been observed in our ________ with a distinctly hyperbolic orbit.
Solar SystemPlanetEarthSun

Question 9: In the special case that the orbiting body is always the same distance from the center, it is also the shape of a ________.
Conic sectionGeometryPiCircle

Question 10: For example, specifying the 3 numbers specifying location and 3 specifying the ________ of a body gives a unique orbit that can be calculated forwards (or backwards).
VelocitySpeedClassical mechanicsKinematics

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