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Question 1: ________ expanded the concept in the 1930s, and the development continued well into the 1980s, when the printers were controlled with minicomputers.
Linwood G. DunnCitizen KaneRKO PicturesSpecial effect

Question 2: The optical printer is used for making ________ for motion pictures, or for copying and restoring old film material.
Industrial Light & MagicComputer-generated imageryMiniature effectSpecial effect

Question 3: Today, optical printing is mostly used as an artistic tool by ________ makers, or for educational purposes.
Underground filmExperimental filmAvant-garde (dvd collection)Surrealism

Question 4: It allows ________ to re-photograph one or more strips of film.
Film editingFilm directorPre-productionSound design

Question 5: Common ________ include fade outs and fade ins, dissolves, slow motion, fast motion, and matte work.
Chroma keyAugmented realityVirtual realityCompositing

Question 6: Larger film (such as the ________ format) has better clarity and less grain when reprinted and also reduces alignment problems.
Anamorphic formatCinemaScope35 mm filmVistaVision

Question 7: An optical printer is a device consisting of one or more film projectors mechanically linked to a ________.
Movie cameraFilm formatPanavision16 mm film

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