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Question 1: Halos, of Sun or Moon, including ________
Sun dogVädersolstavlanMarsSaturn

Question 2: Chatoyancy, cat's eye gems such as ________ cat's eye or aquamarine cat's eye

Question 3: Phosphenes from stimulation other than by light (e.g., mechanical, electrical) of the ________ and cones of the eye or of other neurons of the visual system
Photosensitive ganglion cellAmacrine cellPhotoreceptor cellRod cell

Question 4: Other phenomena are simply interesting aspects of ________, or optical effects.
Anti-reflective coatingOpticsTransparency and translucencyOptical fiber

Question 5: Some, such as the ________, are so rare they are sometimes thought to be mythical.
EarthGreen flashSunMirage

Question 6: See also ________ and optics.
Optical phenomenonIndex of optical articlesLightLens (optics)

Question 7: ________ (northern and southern lights, aurora borealis and aurora australis)
Super Dual Auroral Radar NetworkMagnetosphereAurora (astronomy)Cluster mission

Question 8: ________ of light through the eye lashes

Question 9: Polarized light-related phenomena such as ________, or Haidinger's brush
BirefringencePolarizerCrystal opticsMaxwell's equations

Question 10: ________ (Why the sky is blue, sunsets are red, clouds are white, and associated phenomena)
Diffuse sky radiationLightRayleigh scatteringOptical fiber


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