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Optical disc drive: Quiz


Question 1: For rewritable ________, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, or BD-RE media, the laser is used to melt a crystalline metal alloy in the recording layer of the disc.
CD-RWOptical discOptical disc driveCD-ROM

Question 2: It was a feature important for streaming audio data that always tend to require a constant ________.
Video codecData compressionBit rateVideo compression

Question 3: The format itself was designed to deal with discontinuous recording because it was expected to be widely used in ________.
Windows Media CenterDigital video recorderXBMCBoxee

Question 4: HD DVD: HD DVD-R, ________, HD DVD-RAM
Versatile Multilayer DiscHD DVDBlu-ray DiscChina Blue High-definition Disc

Question 5: Drives with ________ interface exist, but are less common and tend to be more expensive, because of the cost of their interface chipsets and more complex SCSI connectors.
Serial ATAParallel SCSISCSIUniversal Serial Bus

Question 6: Initially, CD lasers with a ________ of 780 nm were used, being within infrared range.
DiffractionWavelengthElectromagnetic radiationLight

Question 7: Compact Disc (CD): Red Book, CD-ROM, ________, CD-RW, 5.1 Music Disc, SACD, PhotoCD, CD Video (CDV), Video CD (VCD), SVCD, CD+G, CD-Text, CD-ROM XA, CD-i
Optical disc driveLaserdiscCD-ROptical disc recording technologies

Question 8: External drives usually have USB or ________ interfaces.
Bus (computing)IEEE 1394 interfaceUniversal Serial BusSerial ATA

Question 9: Compact discs, DVDs, HD DVDs and ________ are common types of optical media which can be read and recorded by such drives.
Blu-ray DiscOptical disc authoringVersatile Multilayer DiscChina Blue High-definition Disc

Question 10: Owing to pressure from the music industry, as represented by the ________ and RIAA, Philips developed the Recorder Identification Code (RID) to allow media to be uniquely associated with the recorder that has written it.
LondonInternational Standard Recording CodeInternational Standard Audiovisual NumberInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry


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