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Oppositional defiant disorder: Quiz


Question 1: Second, the defiance cannot be the result of another disorder, such as the more serious ________, depression, anxiety, or a sleep disorder such as DSPS.
Bipolar disorderDissociative identity disorderConduct disorderAsperger syndrome

Question 2: One other type of treatment of this disorder is the prescription of ________.

Question 3: To meet ________ criteria, certain factors must be taken into account.
Classification of mental disordersSchizophreniaDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersMental disorder

Question 4: Childhood oppositional defiant disorder is strongly associated with later developing ________.
Dissociative identity disorderConduct disorderBipolar disorderAsperger syndrome

Question 5: There are a variety of approaches to the treatment of oppositional defiant disorder, including parent training programs, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, ________, and social skills training.
Impulse (psychology)Edna B. FoaCognitive behavioral therapyThought suppression


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