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Opium Wars: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did Opium Wars take place?
Eastern Shanxi, China
Kowloon, China
Southern Shaanxi and eastern Gansu, China
Southern China, including Canton, and Hong Kong

Question 2:
How many casualties were there in the Opium Wars?
2,800 captured
over 2,800 killed or wounded
2,200-2,800 killed
2,800 dead or wounded

Question 3:
When was the Opium Wars?
1839u20131842, 1856u20131860
11th century

Question 4:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Opium Wars?
Pro-Bolshevik Ossetian rebels
United Kingdom
Toyotomi forces

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Opium Wars?
Robert the Bruce
James Bruce
The Hon. James Arbuthnot
James Connolly

Question 6: He was made a scapegoat by the emperor, under heavy pressure from the Western powers, for having provoked British military retaliation in the ________.
Second Opium WarFirst Opium WarQing DynastyOpium Wars

Question 7: Fighting erupted both in Hong Kong as well as Beijing, where the British set out to destroy the Summer Palace and the ________.
Old Summer PalaceQing DynastyForbidden CitySecond Opium War

Question 8: As to ________ and Fukien, the provinces from which opium comes, we order their viceroys, governors, and superintendents of the maritime customs to conduct a thorough search for opium, and cut off its supply.
Cantonese (Yue)GuangzhouGuangdongShenzhen

Question 9: In 1834 to accommodate the revocation of the East India Company's monopoly, the British sent Lord William John Napier to ________.
MacauEast TimorHong KongPortugal

Question 10: British merchants carrying no opium would buy tea in Canton on credit, and would balance their debts by selling opium at auction in ________.

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