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Question 1: [2] Both ________ and ultrastructural studies strongly support that opisthokonts form a monophyletic group.

Question 2: Cavalier-Smith and Stechmann[6] argue that the uniciliate eukaryotes such as opisthokonts and ________, collectively called unikonts, split off from the other biciliate eukaryotes, called bikonts, shortly after they evolved.

Question 3: flagellum) are a broad group of eukaryotes, including both the ________ and fungus kingdoms,[1] together with the microorganisms which are sometimes grouped in the paraphyletic phylum Choanozoa (previously assigned to the protist "kingdom").

Question 4: Early phylogenies placed them near the ________ and other groups that have mitochondria with flat cristae, but this character varies.
ArchaeplastidaRed algaeFungusPlant


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