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Question 1: However, in practice it is most often applied to functions which operate on mathematical entities of higher complexity than real numbers, such as vectors, ________, or mathematical expressions.
Probability distributionVarianceProbabilityRandom variable

Question 2: Many other operators one encounters in mathematics are linear, and linear operators are the most easily studied (Compare with ________).
Dynamical systemChaos theoryNonlinear systemControl theory

Question 3: In ________, an operator often takes on a more specialized meaning than in mathematics.
Particle physicsUniverseQuantum mechanicsPhysics

Question 4: Linear operators are also known as ________ or linear mappings.
Dual spaceVector spaceLinear mapEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 5: In ________ programming, the term "operator" refers to the opcode of a given instruction.
Machine codeLow-level programming languageProgramming paradigmAssembly language

Question 6: In ________, the increment unary operator works like the following:

Question 7: In ________, an operator itself is a function, but has an attached type indicating the correct operand, and the kind of function returned.
First-order logicQuantificationMathematical logicType theory

Question 8: The ________ is an operator which is fundamentally used in calculus to denote the action of taking a derivative.
Differential operatorEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceJet bundleJet (mathematics)

Question 9: In that context operator often means a linear transformation from a Hilbert space to another, or (more abstractly) an element of a ________.
Banach algebraMatrix (mathematics)C*-algebraVon Neumann algebra

Question 10: Grad (________), (with operator symbol ∇) assigns a vector at every point in a scalar field which points in the direction of greatest rate of change of that field and whose norm measures the absolute value of that greatest rate of change.
Curl (mathematics)DerivativeGradientDivergence

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