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Question 1: In early May 1942, the Wehrmacht began its offensive against Soviet forces opposite of Army Group South, codenamed ________.
Lower Dnieper OffensiveOperation BarbarossaCase BlueEastern Front (World War II)

Question 2: Operation Uranus, postponed until 17 November, was again postponed for two days when Soviet General ________ was told the air units allotted to the operation were not ready;[53] it was finally launched on 19 November.
Joseph StalinGeorgy ZhukovKonstantin RokossovskyRodion Malinovsky

Question 3: Instead of attempting a breakout operation, German dictator ________ decided to keep Axis forces in Stalingrad and resupply them by air.
Adolf HitlerNazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi Party

Question 4: [8] The following day, the ________ began when vanguards of the Sixth Army penetrated the suburbs of the city.
Eastern Front (World War II)Battle of StalingradCase BlueOperation Barbarossa

Question 5: Planning for Operation Uranus had commenced as early as September 1942, and was developed simultaneously with plans to envelop and destroy German Army Group Center and German forces in the ________.
Georgia (country)CaucasusAsiaEurope

Question 6: The operation formed part of the ongoing ________, and was aimed at destroying German forces in and around Stalingrad.
Case BlueEastern Front (World War II)Operation BarbarossaBattle of Stalingrad

Question 7: [14] Ultimately, command of Soviet efforts to relieve Stalingrad was put under the leadership of General ________.
Aleksandr VasilevskyKonstantin RokossovskyRodion MalinovskyGeorgy Zhukov

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