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Question 1: Most of the remaining Japanese warships in the Combined Fleet were stationed at ports in Japan, with most of the large ships at ________.
Fukuyama, HiroshimaCity designated by government ordinanceOkayamaKure, Hiroshima

Question 2: Deyo moved to execute his orders, but Vice Admiral ________'s Task Force 58 preempted Deyo by launching air strikes without orders from Spruance.
United States NavyMarc MitscherUnited States Naval AviatorArleigh Burke

Question 3: On April 6 at 16:00, Yamato, with Admiral Ito on board, the light cruiser Yahagi and eight ________ departed Tokuyama to begin the mission.
V and W class destroyerFletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)Destroyer

Question 4: Yamato and her escorts were to fight their way to Okinawa and then beach themselves between Higashi and Yomitan and fight as ________ until they were destroyed.
BunkerGun turretFortificationCoastal artillery

Question 5: The Japanese force was attacked, stopped, and almost completely destroyed by United States (U.S.) carrier-borne aircraft before reaching ________.
Ryukyu IslandsOkinawa PrefectureKagoshima PrefectureYamanashi Prefecture

Question 6: ________, Maryland: Naval Institute Press.
Anne Arundel County, MarylandAnnapolis, MarylandBaltimoreHagerstown, Maryland

Question 7: [19] Yamato communicated this message to the other surviving ships by signal flag since her ________ had been destroyed.
Radio broadcastingAmateur radioRadioMicrowave

Question 8: Operation Ten-Go (天號作戰 (Kyūjitai) or 天号作戦 (________) Ten-gō Sakusen ?) was the last major Japanese naval operation in the Pacific Theater of World War II.
ShinjitaiChinese characterChữ NômSimplified Chinese characters

Question 9: The aircraft consisted of ________ fighters, SB2C Helldiver dive-bombers, and TBF Avenger torpedo bombers.
F6F HellcatF8F BearcatF-9 CougarF4F Wildcat

Question 10: The battle also exhibited Japan's willingness to sacrifice large numbers of its people in desperate attempts (see ________) to slow the Allied advance on the Japanese home islands.
KamikazeComfort womenKempeitaiImperial Japanese Navy

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