Operation Plunder: Quiz

Question 1: While the Allies prepared, XLVII Panzer Corps had rested, re-equipped and absorbed reinforcements in relative safety in the ________.

Question 2: All of these formations were part of the ________ under Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery.
Operation VarsityOperation OverlordOperation Market Garden21st Army Group

Question 3: ________ started at 10:00 AM on 24 March, to disrupt enemy communications.
Allied advance from Paris to the RhineWestern Front (World War II)Operation Market GardenOperation Varsity

Question 4: Blumentritt and his superior, Colonel General ________, both recognised that the situation was lost.
Eduard DietlJohannes BlaskowitzGotthard HeinriciJosef Harpe

Question 5: It included the Varsity parachute and glider landings near Wesel, and Operation Archway, by the ________.
United KingdomSpecial Air ServiceBritish ArmySpecial Boat Service

Question 6: ________ was well aware of Plunder's potential impact from the beginning.
Joseph GoebbelsNazi PartyHeinrich HimmlerAdolf Hitler

Question 7: The British Prime Minister, ________, was present at General Montgomery's headquarters near Venlo on the eve of Plunder (23 March).
Margaret ThatcherWinston ChurchillJoseph StalinHarold Macmillan

Question 8: Although this formation was considered to be the most effective German force in the area, it was severely depleted from its previous action in the Reichswald (________).
Allied advance from Paris to the RhineOperation Market GardenWestern Allied invasion of GermanyOperation Veritable

Question 9: The British ________ entered Wesel.
No. 6 Commando1st Special Service BrigadeNo. 3 CommandoBritish Commandos

Question 10: Unable to withstand Allied pressure, the First Parachute Army withdrew northeast towards ________ and Bremen, leaving a gap between it and the German Fifteenth Army, in the Ruhr.

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Operation_Plunder)