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Question 1: [28][29] Lt Col Thorneloe is the highest-ranking British officer to be killed in action since Lt Col 'H'. Jones in the ________ and the highest-ranking to die in Afghanistan.
Falkland IslandsFalklands WarFalkland Islands sovereignty disputeFalkland Islands Defence Force

Question 2: July 4: Two more British soldiers were killed, one from 2nd Battalion, Mercian Regiment by a ________ and a second from the Light Dragoons, by an IED, near Gereshk.
M1 AbramsVehicle armourRPG-7Rocket-propelled grenade

Question 3: Soon after the Taliban insurgency took root in ________ large tracts of Helmand Province came under Taliban control.
Non-Aligned MovementNATOAfghanistanCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 4: [8] On 29 May, soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers engaged and drove out Taliban fighters near the village of Yatimchay, south of ________.
AfghanistanHelmand ProvinceMusa QalaMusa Qala District

Question 5: ^a  According to the Ministry of Defence, the soldiers from the ________ were dropped into Babaji "just before midnight on Friday 19 June 2009".
Black WatchArgyll and Sutherland HighlandersRoyal ScotsColdstream Guards

Question 6: Of all of Afghanistan's provinces, Helmand "has been the most difficult" for coalition forces, according to ________ foreign correspondent Ian Pannell, and holds the largest Taliban presence.
BBC News (TV channel)BBC TelevisionBBC Cymru WalesBBC News

Question 7: It aimed to secure a various canal and river crossings to establish a permanent ________ (ISAF) presence in the area.
NATOTaliban insurgencyAfghanistanInternational Security Assistance Force

Question 8: [8] Analysis of a sample of the crop by the ________ of the United Nations in Kabul, however, revealed the haul to be of mung beans.
Universal Postal UnionCyprusFood and Agriculture OrganizationAzerbaijan

Question 9: [8] According to ________, the soldiers were dropped "just after midnight local time on Friday".
BBC Cymru WalesBBC News (TV channel)BBC NewsBBC Television

Question 10: [8] To restrict movement by Taliban forces, British troops also constructed several checkpoints to be manned by 3 SCOTS but eventually ceded to the ________.
Afghan National ArmyAfghanistanKabulAfghan National Police


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