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Operation Ivory Coast: Quiz


Question 1: [39] Because of policy restrictions of the bombing halt then in place, the naval aircraft would not carry ordnance except for a few planes tasked for ________.
DefibrillationSearch and rescueEmergency medicineEmergency medical services

Question 2: On November 21, 1970, a joint United States Air Force/________ force commanded by Air Force Brig.
United States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army AfricaUnited States Marine Corps

Question 3: [55] Shortly after midnight, the A-1 Skyraiders lifted off four minutes early from ________ under clandestine, blacked-out conditions.
Tan Son Nhut Air BaseU-Tapao Royal Thai Navy AirfieldUbon Royal Thai Air Force BaseNakhon Phanom Royal Thai Navy Base

Question 4: The specially-selected raiders extensively trained and rehearsed the operation at ________, Florida, while planning and intelligence gathering continued from May 25 to November 20, 1970.
Nellis Air Force BaseCannon Air Force BaseEglin Air Force BaseMountain Home Air Force Base

Question 5: The ________, used to calculate wind drift and ground speed, often had to use information in its computer’s memory because of processing lapses.
Weather radarUltra high frequencyDoppler radarMicrowave

Question 6: Between November 10 and November 18[41] the JCTG moved to its staging base at ________, Thailand,[42] and began studying the weather.
Takhli Royal Thai Air Force BaseKorat Royal Thai Air Force Base12th Flying Training WingKadena Air Base

Question 7: Blackburn was responsible directly to the ________ and had also been the first commander of the covert Studies and Observation Group in Vietnam.
United States NavyChief of Staff of the United States Air ForceChairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffChief of Staff of the United States Army

Question 8: The second phase, Operation Ivory Coast, began August 8, 1970, when Admiral ________, the new J.C.S.
Thomas Hinman MoorerArthur W. RadfordMichael MullenWilliam J. Crowe

Question 9: The formations flew roughly parallel tracks that crossed Laos to the west of the ________ before turning northeastward.
Pathet LaoHmong peopleCluster bombPlain of Jars

Question 10: ________ on July 13 to command the Army's personnel, and selected Eglin Air Force Base as the training site.
Silver StarBronze Star MedalPurple HeartArthur D. Simons

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