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Question 1: Kyle Palmer, war correspondent for the ________, said half a million to a million Americans would die by the end of the war.
Sam ZellLos Angeles TimesChicago TribuneKTLA

Question 2: Only Kyūshū (the southernmost island of Japan) and the beaches of the Kantō plain (both southwest and southeast of ________) made suitable invasion zones.
TokyoMinato, TokyoBeijingGreater Tokyo Area

Question 3: The Australian government questioned the appointment of an officer with no experience fighting the Japanese, and suggested that Lieutenant General ________ should be appointed.
Thomas BlameyStanley SavigeIven Giffard MackayLeslie Morshead

Question 4: The U.S. Navy urged the use of ________ and airpower to bring about Japan's capitulation.
Chemical warfareNaval warfareBlockadeMilitary history

Question 5: The combined Allied naval armada would have been the largest ever assembled, including forty-two ________, twenty-four battleships, and four hundred destroyers and destroyer escorts.
Timeline for aircraft carrier serviceAdmiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrierAircraft carrierCarrier battle group

Question 6: [7][8] The American ________ believed that prolonging the war to such an extent was dangerous for national morale.
United States Department of DefenseJoint Chiefs of StaffUnited States Secretary of the ArmyUnited States Secretary of the Navy

Question 7: [36] Attacking northern Honshū would have the advantage of a much weaker defense but at the cost of giving up land based air support (except the B-29s) from ________.
Yamanashi PrefectureOkinawa PrefectureRyukyu IslandsJapan

Question 8: The ________, the very last pitched battle against Japan, ran up 72,000 casualties in 82 days, of whom 12,510 were killed or missing.
Battle of Leyte GulfBattle of PeleliuPacific WarBattle of Okinawa

Question 9: By August 1945, the ________ (IJN) had ceased to be an effective fighting force.
Imperial Japanese NavyMeiji periodShōwa periodImperial Japanese Army

Question 10: Throughout the Pacific War, and unlike the European theatre, the Allies were unable to agree on a single ________ (C-in-C).
FranceNicolas SarkozyGermanyCommander-in-chief


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