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Question 1: CDRUSPACOM delegated this joint operation to the Commander, Pacific Air Forces, who then delegated primary responsibility for execution of the JTF SFA operation to the commander, ________.
3d WingAndersen Air Force BaseThirteenth Air ForceSeventh Air Force

Question 2: By 1999 the United States Navy had transferred military support operations for ________ over to the United States Air Force and its contractor, Raytheon Polar Services.
Kalahari DesertAntarcticaAtacama DesertDesert

Question 3: In 1929, Admiral ________ established a naval base at Little America I, led an expedition to explore further inland, and conducted the first flight over the South Pole.
AntarcticaAmelia EarhartRoald AmundsenRichard Evelyn Byrd

Question 4: After ________, from 1946–47, Byrd was instrumental in the Navy's Operation Highjump that charted most of the Antarctic coastline.
Soviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War II

Question 5: As early as 1839, Captain ________ led the first U.S. Naval expedition into Antarctic waters.
USS Flying Fish (1838)USS San Jacinto (1850)Charles WilkesTrent Affair

Question 6: The 109th believed that it was senseless for its aircraft to deploy to the Antarctic and just wait to conduct emergency SAR missions so it asked the Navy if it could help carry cargo to the ________.
Amundsen-Scott South Pole StationAntarcticaRoald AmundsenSouth Pole

Question 7: The possibility of the ________ taking over the mission had first emerged in 1988.
Alaska Air National GuardAir National Guard140th WingOhio Air National Guard

Question 8: The ________ had been notified that, almost overnight, one of the Distant Early Warning Line (DEW) radar sites that it supported in Greenland was going to be shut down.
139th Airlift Squadron137th Airlift Squadron118th Airlift Wing109th Airlift Wing

Question 9: The impetus behind Operation Deep Freeze I was the International Geophysical Year ________–58.

Question 10: IGY, as it was known, was a collaboration effort between forty nations to carry out earth science studies from the ________ to the South Pole and at points in between.
Arctic CircleNorth PoleArctic OceanArctic exploration

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