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Operation Clambake: Quiz


Question 1: [4] The site has been ranked as high as the second spot in ________ searches for the term "Scientology".
GoogleGoogle VariationsGoogle LatitudeAndroid (operating system)

Question 2: It is owned and maintained by Andreas Heldal-Lund, who has stated that he supports the rights of all people to practice ________ or any religion.
ScientologyScientology controversiesXenuScientology status by country

Question 3: After receiving a DMCA takedown notice, ________ removed many pages from its indexes, which decreased the site's page rank in searches for "Scientology".
Android (operating system)Google LatitudeGoogle VariationsGoogle

Question 4: [6][7] This domain name has been described as provocative, because it is seen by some as a caricature of the character ________ from Scientology cosmogony.
Scientology controversiesScientology and abortionL. Ron HubbardXenu

Question 5: Dateline NBC cited the organization in a 1998 investigative journalism piece, as have other publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the ________.
United StatesYahoo!New JerseyAssociated Press

Question 6: [60] In July 2000 ________ included Operation Clambake among its list of "Our Favorite Sites" under the "Opinion, Commentary and Gossip" section.
The TimesDow Jones & CompanyThe Wall Street JournalNew York Post

Question 7: [66] The Daily Reveille consulted Operation Clambake resources for an article on the "Second Chance" program, specifically for background on the Scientology doctrine known as the "________".
Purification RundownNarcononClear Body, Clear MindDowntown Medical

Question 8: The Sunday Times utilized Operation Clambake's resources, while doing a January 2007 story on ________ and its links to the Church of Scientology.
NarcononLeisa GoodmanPurification RundownScientology controversies

Question 9: On June 16, 1998, ________ aired an investigative journalism piece on Scientology, and Operation Clambake was referenced on-screen as a resource to learn about "Xenu and the exploded souls".
Dateline NBCToday (NBC program)NBC Nightly NewsWeekend Today

Question 10: [68] In August 2007, the ________ included information from Operation Clambake in an article on Scientology's attempts to connect with religious leaders from other faiths.
Yahoo!United StatesNew JerseyAssociated Press

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