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Operation Banner: Quiz


Question 1: In August 2005, it was announced that due to the security situation improving and in accordance with the ________ provisions, Operation Banner would end by 1 August 2007.
Belfast AgreementNorthern Ireland AssemblyNorthern IrelandSt Andrews Agreement

Question 2: 5 members of the ________ (INLA)
Official Irish Republican ArmyIrish National Liberation ArmyProvisional Irish Republican ArmyContinuity Irish Republican Army

Question 3: Nationalist Parties:
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic & Labour Party
Workers Party of Ireland
Republican Sinn Féin
Irish Republican Socialist PartySocialist Party (Ireland)Socialist Workers Party (Ireland)Fianna Fáil

Question 4: 2 were ________ (RUC) officers
The TroublesRoyal Ulster ConstabularyNorthern IrelandProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 5: Provisional IRA
Official IRA
Continuity IRA
Real IRA
Irish People's Liberation Organisation
Omagh bombingThe TroublesIrish republicanismIrish National Liberation Army

Question 6: Marks turning point as Sinn Féin begins to move towards electoral politics (1981)
Maze Prison escapeThe TroublesBloody Sunday (1972)Omagh bombing

Question 7: The support to the police forces was primarily from the Army, with the ________ providing helicopter support as required.
Royal Air ForceBritish Armed ForcesBritish ArmyLuftwaffe

Question 8: Its role was to engage in ________ and public order operations in response to the Troubles, and to assist the Government in its objective of restoring normality in Northern Ireland.
Suicide attackCounter-terrorismIslamic terrorismPakistan and state terrorism

Question 9: [10] It was announced in July 2009 that their next of kin will be eligible to receive the ________.
United KingdomVictoria CrossBritish Armed ForcesElizabeth Cross

Question 10: 11 members of the ________
Irish National Liberation ArmyOfficial Irish Republican ArmyThe TroublesProvisional Irish Republican Army


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