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Operation Bagration: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Operation Bagration?
Balliol rebels

Question 2:
Where did Operation Bagration take place?

Question 3:
How many casualties were there in the Operation Bagration?
~900 deserted
80 000 - 123 000 total
Total captured 150,000

Question 4:
Who was a commander in the Operation Bagration?
Vu00F5 Nguyu00EAn Giu00E1p
Georgiy Zakharov
Sir Henry Lawrenceu2020
Sir John Campbell

Question 5:
What was Operation Bagration a part of?
the Yugoslav and Eastern fronts of World War II
Eastern Front
The Eastern Front of World War II
the Eastern Front of World War II

Question 6: The 1st Belorussian Front was particularly large, and included further units which were only committed during the following ________.
Vistula–Oder OffensiveOperation BagrationLublin–Brest OffensiveEastern Front (World War II)

Question 7: The very large fortress complex there secured the approaches to ________ through the region's marshes.
East PrussiaBrandenburg-PrussiaWest PrussiaRoyal Prussia

Question 8: For the ________ the strategic threats were about the same.
Axis powersNazismNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 9: In the north, the 1st Baltic Front pushed the IX corps over the Dvina, while encircling the LIII Corps in the city of ________ by 25 June.

Question 10: German forces continued a precipitate retreat, and Soviet forces reached ________, held by units of the Third Panzer Army, by 7 July.

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