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Operation Badr (1973): Quiz


Question 1: To deal with this, the Egyptian attackers would be supplied with large numbers of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and ________ (RPG).
Vehicle armourM1 AbramsRocket-propelled grenadeRPG-7

Question 2: A mechanized infantry brigade with 44 ________ was expected to join in the attack by late morning.
Post-WWII Sherman tanksM50 Super ShermanM4 ShermanSix-Day War

Question 3: Adan would now attack in the direction of the strongpoints at Firdan and ________.
SuezIsmaïliaCairoBeni Suef

Question 4: With Israeli artillery on the Bar Lev Line eliminated, the immobile ________ and SA-3 units were moved forward.
Strela 2S-75 DvinaP-15 TermitS-125 Neva/Pechora

Question 5: Fuad, the division commander, supported the brigade in its mission with two companies of ________ tanks.

Question 6: He was accompanied by his aide, Colonel Avner Shalev and the former Israeli Chief of Staff, ________.
Menachem BeginShimon PeresAriel SharonYitzhak Rabin

Question 7: Israel's Prime Minister Golda Meir met with Defence Minister Moshe Dayan and General ________ at 08:05 for over an hour.
Yitzhak RabinMordechai GurDavid ElazarRafael Eitan

Question 8: During that month, Syrian President ________ indicated his intentions of going to war against Israel.
Adib ShishakliHafez al-AssadAmin al-HafizHashim al-Atassi

Question 9: In addition to the canal crossing, Egypt laid a successful naval blockade against Israel in the Red Sea and ________.
Indian OceanAtlantic OceanMediterranean SeaPacific Ocean

Question 10: ________ director Zvi Zamir remained of the opinion that war was not an Arab option.
MossadIsraeli Intelligence CommunityCentral Intelligence AgencyMilitary Intelligence Directorate (Israel)


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