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Question 1: On large systems such as ________ systems, the user interface is generally implemented as an application program that runs outside the operating system.
Unix-likeGNUMac OS XLinux

Question 2: Embedded systems that have fixed deadlines use a real-time operating system such as VxWorks, eCos, QNX, ________ and RTLinux.
Embedded LinuxMontaVistaLinux distributionUbuntu Mobile

Question 3: Mac OS X is the successor to the original ________, which had been Apple's primary operating system since 1984.
MacintoshMicrosoft WindowsMac OSFinder (software)

Question 4: The server edition, ________, is architecturally identical to its desktop counterpart but usually runs on Apple's line of Macintosh server hardware.
Safari (web browser)Darwin (operating system)QuickTimeMac OS X Server

Question 5: ________ is designed to be backwards compatible with Unix, but with enhanced functionality and a microkernel architecture.
GNU HurdGNU Compiler CollectionGNU GRUBGNOME

Question 6: During development of the ________, IBM made an approach to Burroughs to licence MCP to run on the AS400 hardware.

Question 7: They are used heavily for servers in business, as well as ________ in academic and engineering environments.
MinicomputerWorkstationLaptopPersonal computer

Question 8: Older operating systems which are still used in niche markets include OS/2 from IBM and Microsoft; Mac OS, the non-Unix precursor to Apple's Mac OS X; ________; XTS-300.
Haiku (operating system)Be Inc.BeOS R5.1d0BeOS

Question 9: Under Windows versions prior to ________ and Linux prior to version 2.6 all driver execution was co-operative, meaning that if a driver entered an infinite loop it would freeze the system.
Windows XPMicrosoft WindowsWindows VistaWinFS

Question 10: Prior to ________-based toolkits and desktop environments, Motif was the prevalent toolkit/desktop combination (and was the basis upon which CDE was developed).
Proprietary softwareLinuxFree softwareOpen-source software

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