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Open theism: Quiz


Question 1: Authors who claim this can be traced back through Calvin, ________, and Augustine.
Pope John Paul IIFrancis de SalesThomas AquinasAmbrose

Question 2: "Voluntary Nescience: The future is alethically settled but nevertheless ________ open for God because he has voluntarily chosen not to know truths about future contingents.

Question 3: ________: God has all power, which includes complete sovereignty over all things.

Question 4: ________: God has all knowledge, including of all past, present, and future events.
Free willOmnipotenceArgument from free willOmniscience

Question 5: Open theism is a theological movement that has developed within evangelical and post-evangelical Protestant Christianity as a response to certain ideas that are related to the synthesis of ________ and Christian theology.
AristotleHellenistic philosophyAncient philosophyAncient Greek philosophy

Question 6: Opponents of open theism include ________, Bruce A.
ArminianismNorman GeislerChristian apologeticsCalvinism

Question 7: For several versions of classical theism, God fully determines the future; thus, humanity does not have ________, or, if free, that its freedom must necessarily be compatible with God's determining actions.
MetaphysicsDeterminismCausalityLibertarianism (metaphysics)

Question 8: The first known post-Pauline writings advocating concepts similar to open theism with regard to the issue of foreknowledge is found in the writings of Calcidius, a 5th-century interpreter of ________.
Bertrand RussellAristotlePlatoImmanuel Kant


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