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Question 1: ________ (source available, but not free software because it forbids commercial use and redistribution)
MAMEMulti Emulator Super SystemCross-platformMac OS X

Question 2: There are also shared source licenses which have some similarities with open source, such as the ________ (MS-RL), but are not compatible with the Open Source Definition.
GNOMEShared sourceMono (software)Open-source software

Question 3: An open source license is a copyright license for ________ that makes the source code available under terms that allow for modification and redistribution without having to pay the original author.
Computer softwareLinuxASP.NETJava (programming language)

Question 4: ________ -- U.S.
Intellectual propertyLawJacobsen v. KatzerLawyer

Question 5: Software in the ________ (that is, with all copyright renounced), meets those criteria as long as all source code is made available, and is therefore recognized by the OSI and entitled to use their service mark.
Copyright infringementPublic domainIntellectual propertyDigital rights management

Question 6: One popular (and sometimes considered normative) set of ________ licenses are those approved by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) based on their Open Source Definition (OSD).
Free software movementFree softwareCopyleftOpen-source software

Question 7: Likewise, the ________ project has its own criteria, the Debian Free Software Guidelines, on which the Open Source Definition is based.
Ubuntu (operating system)LinuxXubuntuDebian

Question 8: ________ (Ms-RL)
Shared sourceMono (software)GNOMEOpen-source software

Question 9: ________ 3.0
GNU Lesser General Public LicenseGNOMEFree Software FoundationGNU General Public License

Question 10: The ________ has related but distinct criteria for evaluating whether or not a license qualifies a program as free software.
Free software movementFree Software FoundationDigital rights managementCopyleft

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