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Question 1: ________'s letter to its customers regarding the recent recalls on vehicles with obstructing floor mats and faulty gas pedals.

Question 2: ________'s Open Letter to Hobbyists attacking copyright infringement in software development, a practice he did not approve of
Bill GatesDairy QueenBerkshire HathawayWarren Buffett

Question 3: ________'s Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy[3]
Janeane GarofaloDavid CrossBob OdenkirkH. Jon Benjamin

Question 4: ________'s A Soldier’s Declaration, questioning the judgment of Britain's leadership in WW1.
Robert GravesWilliam RiversSiegfried SassoonWilfred Owen

Question 5: J'accuse by Émile Zola over the ________
Tour de FranceAlfred DreyfusPierre GiffardDreyfus affair

Question 6: ________'s Open Letter to the net on net neutrality [5]
Google VariationsAndroid (operating system)Google LatitudeGoogle

Question 7: Open letters usually take the form of a letter addressed to an individual but provided to the public through newspapers and other media, such as a letter to the editor or ________.
Political blogBlog softwarePermalinkBlog

Question 8: ________'s Letter to an Arab[6].
Relationship between religion and scienceScientific methodAlbert EinsteinIsaac Newton

Question 9: The open letter given to Tarja Turunen by the other members of ________, firing her from the band at the climax of End of an Era.
NightwishDark Passion PlayTuomas HolopainenOnce (Nightwish album)

Question 10: Bobby Henderson's ________ [4]
AtheismFlying Spaghetti MonsterAtheism and religionIgnosticism


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