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Question 1: The largest open content project is ________.
WikipediaGerman WikipediaEnglish WikipediaUrdu Wikipedia

Question 2: ________ (11 versions, excluding non-derivative licenses)
Creative Commons licensesCopyleftAnti-copyrightOpen-source software

Question 3: "Open access" refers to a special category of material, consisting of freely available published ________ journal articles.
Scientific methodPeer reviewOpen peer reviewScientific journal

Question 4: Content can be either in the public domain or under a license which allows re-distribution and re-use, such as ________ Attribution and Attribution-Sharealike licenses or the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).
Creative Commons licensesCopyleftOpen-source softwareCreative Commons

Question 5: Open Gaming License — license of the ________, as drafted by Wizards of the Coast
System Reference DocumentOpen gamingOpen contentDungeons & Dragons

Question 6: The Open Knowledge Definition (OKD) gives a set of conditions for openness in knowledge - much as the Open Source Definition does for ________.
Free softwareFree software movementOpen-source softwareCopyleft

Question 7: It is possible that the first documented case of open content was the ________, which aspired to share information across the globe as a public enterprise.
Copley MedalGeorge PorterMichael AtiyahRoyal Society

Question 8: Open Directory Project License — used by the ________
Open Directory ProjectTime WarnerLife (magazine)Jim Barksdale

Question 9: As with the terms "open source" and "free software", some open content materials can also be described as "________", although technically they describe different things.
Free contentDigital rights managementOpen-source softwareCopyleft

Question 10: For example, the ________ is open content but is not free content.
Life (magazine)Open Directory ProjectJim BarksdaleTime Warner


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