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Question 1: [8][9] Perens did not base his writing on the "four freedoms" of Free Software from the ________, which were only widely available later.
Free software movementDigital rights managementFree Software FoundationCopyleft

Question 2: Perens attempted to register "open source" as a service mark for the OSI, but that attempt was impractical by ________ standards.
TrademarkGenericized trademarkPublic domainUnited States trademark law

Question 3: Some open source software is available within the ________.
Copyright infringementIntellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domain

Question 4: These include projects such as the Linux kernel, ________, Apache, the GNU Compiler Collection, and Perl.
SeaMonkeyMozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeCamino

Question 5: A commonly employed ________ of Commercial Open Source Software Firms is the Dual-License Strategy, as demonstrated by Ingres, MySQL, Alfresco, and others.
ManagementMarketing warfare strategiesMarketingStrategic management

Question 6: In his 1997 essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar[16], open source evangelist ________ suggests a model for developing OSS known as the bazaar model.
Andrew TridgellRichard StallmanEric S. RaymondLinus Torvalds

Question 7: Increasingly the consensus term Free and Open Source Software is used by the communities at large to describe the common ground between ________ and Open Source.
Proprietary softwareOpen-source softwareFree softwareLinux

Question 8: Prime examples of open source products are the ________, the e-commerce platform osCommerce and the internet browser Mozilla Firefox.
Apache HarmonyApache HTTP ServerApache StrutsApache Ant

Question 9: ________
GrisbiList of free and open source software packagesGnuCashLinux

Question 10: Developers have used the alternative terms Free/open source Software (________), or Free/Libre/open source Software (FLOSS), consequently, to describe open source software which is also free software.
GNU General Public LicenseOpen-source softwareFree and open source softwareLinux

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