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Question 1: Uma doesn't get along with him at first ("Randy not Grampu -- hmmph!"), but he wins her over after dancing with her doll to some ________.
Hip-hop danceViennese WaltzPolkaFolk dance

Question 2: With home-made costumes and floats, she leads Oobi (as a float) and Kako (as a ________ in their very own parade.
Mungo JerryLenny KravitzBlack metalOne-man band

Question 3: Based on an award-winning short-form series[1], the show is directed toward ________.
Public school (government funded)Charter schoolNursery schoolPreschool education

Question 4: She packs a small suitcase, and enlists Oobi and Kako to help make costumes of an ________, a train and a boat.
Powered hang gliderFixed-wing aircraftAviation historyAircraft

Question 5: She owns a cat (named Kitty) and has one of the best-decorated houses on ________.
EasterHalloween around the worldMischief nightHalloween

Question 6: The show is intended to build skills such as mathematics, early ________, and logical thinking.
LiteracyInternational Reading AssociationAdolescent literacyMultimedia literacy

Question 7: Rainy Day (07-17-2006)[5] - When the rain spoils their plans, Oobi and Kako reluctantly join Uma in her search for a ________.
AlhazenRainbowOpticsPhysics in medieval Islam

Question 8: Uma asks, "Nick Chinese?" but Nick specifies, "Nick ________."
American-born ChineseChinese immigration to Puerto RicoChinese immigration to HawaiiChinese American

Question 9: Sophie – Sheila's ________ daughter, to whom Oobi babysits for one day and learns about babies.
PregnancyPrenatal developmentInfantAttachment theory

Question 10: Unlike most other characters, Frieda is a ________.
Crus (lower leg)Human legLower limbFoot


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