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Onomatopoeia: Quiz


Question 1: For the Guardian Force ________, the humorously out of place onomatopoeia of doink! is written on-screen during its powerful knife stab attack.
Character design of Final FantasyFinal Fantasy character classesFinal FantasyCharacters of Final Fantasy VIII

Question 2: The late MAD Magazine cartoonist ________ often used such words in his artwork, to comic effect.
Sergio Aragon├ęsJack Davis (cartoonist)Don MartinWally Wood

Question 3: "Kerplunk" was used in the video game Final Fantasy VIII as the name of one of the Guardian Force ________'s attacks.
Final Fantasy character classesCharacters of Final Fantasy VIIIMusic of the Final Fantasy seriesCharacter design of Final Fantasy

Question 4: For ________ sounds, words like quack (duck), bark (dog), roar (lion) and meow (cat) are typically used in English.

Question 5: The Nickelodeon cartoon ________ is implied to be onomotapoeic to a crash.
KaBlam!Rocko's Modern LifeThe Ren and Stimpy ShowDoug

Question 6: The marble game KerPlunk is an onomatopoeia for the sound of the ________ dropping when one too many sticks has been removed.
LapidaryMarble (toy)PotteryTinsley Green, West Sussex

Question 7: ________ wrote a humorous song "Onomatopoeia" which uses many examples in this "Love Song".
Todd RundgrenUtopia (band)Kasim SultonTodd Rundgren discography

Question 8: In a 2002 episode of The West Wing, Rob Lowe (Sam Seaborn) and ________ (portraying a Russian negotiator) have a conversation about how the word 'frumpy' "onomatopoetically sounds right"[2].
Martin SheenIan McShaneSam WaterstonHugh Laurie

Question 9: Many birds are named after their calls, such as the ________, the Weero, the killdeer, chickadee, the cuckoo, the chiffchaff, the whooping crane and the whip-poor-will.
Mourning DoveCommon PheasantWild TurkeyNorthern Bobwhite

Question 10: ________'s XIII employed the use of comic book onomatopoeias such as bam!, boom and noooo! during gameplay for gunshots, explosions and kills, respectively.
EDF Energies NouvellesHavasUbisoftNexans

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